FIBERIN™️ SF Soy fiber is used in enteral nutrition products and some bakery goods. Research shows that soy fiber provides the important health benefits usually associated with dietary fiber, including improved laxation and cholesterol-lowering ability.

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Brova is a trusted source as a wholesale Soy Fiber Ingredients supplier, providing bulk orders of the highest quality fibers in a range of colors and sizes. All of our Soy Fiber FIBERIN™️ SF  is sourced from top Chinese suppliers and carefully tested to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Our Soy Fiber is a premium ingredient made from carefully selected and harvested soybeans that are processed to create an ultra-fine and soft fiber.

Bulk Soy Fiber Ingredients Supplier

Our FIBERIN™️ SF Soy Fiber is an ideal choice for a variety of recipes and products. Whether it’s a refreshing drink, soup, or even a protein bar, Soy Fiber is an easy-to-use ingredient that adds a delicious and healthy nutritional boost. Our Soy Fiber is also an excellent choice for the health and beauty industry, with its soft and lightweight texture that’s perfect for facial masks, lotions, and creams.

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